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4 Benefits of Stucco Plaster

Why Use Stucco?  

Traditional stucco plaster has been used since ancient times. For the earliest known walled structures, stucco was made using different minerals mixed with water and sand. The mixture was used to build or clad the structure.

Over the centuries, stucco hasn’t changed all that much. It still has the same main ingredients – water and sand. Today’s stucco also uses Portland cement, which adds hardness, strength, and durability.

Benefits of stucco plaster include:


Stucco prevents fire from entering the walls, and it provides a two-hour rating to your home.


Because it has cement as an ingredient and is applied in two layers, it creates an almost a 1″- thick surface, stucco plaster is an extremely strong and long-lasting exterior cladding material.


Since the ingredients of stucco can be easily manipulated, stucco plaster is available in various colors and textures. The color of stucco is defined by the cement and aggregate color. Then, it is enhanced with mineral oxide pigments added to the plaster mix. A building covered in stucco doesn’t need painting as the color is inherent in stucco. Stucco can also come in a wide range of textures – from super fine to coarse. It can even mimic the look of wood timber, brick, or stone masonry.


Stucco is an extremely cost-effective solution to your exterior finish needs. Its installation falls between siding and actual masonry in price. However, it provides a more durable and solid exterior than siding. It also serves the same function as masonry without the added cost of masonry.

Stucco is a long-lasting, fire-resistant, beautiful, customizable, and economical material. For all these reasons, you should consider stucco plaster for your construction project. Just remember that it matters who installs your stucco. Mastery of the stucco installation can make or break your project. If you are in San Francisco, CA, choose Asael Plastering Inc for best results!