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Quality Exterior Stucco Services and More!

Asael Plastering Inc is a plastering expert in San Francisco, CA that offers exemplary services. For over 12 years of experience, we have learned and mastered the craft and style of different plastering methods. If you have a project that involves plastering, our plastering company will greatly benefit you. Here are some of the things we specialize:


Plastering should be done by a professional to avoid mistakes and possible redos. If you don’t have any idea of what to do or it’s your first time, our dependable local plastering contractor will guide you through. We are known in the area for our plastering skills and expertise in general. We have all the needed tools and materials in plastering and this will ensure you the quality workmanship we provide. If budget is not a problem and you’re concerned about the quality results, hiring us will be an investment that will definitely pay off in the future.

Stucco Installation

Aside from interior plastering, we also provide impressive stucco installation. Our stucco contractor has mastered the different techniques, from mixing to applying, for a smooth and clean finish. Our pros also consider the type of surface that we need to coat. Hence, if you work with us, we’ll deal with minimal errors for your convenience and satisfaction. Also, our exterior stucco service won’t hurt your budget!

Exterior Stucco

Exterior Stucco

Waterproof Lighting

If you think you can’t apply plaster in bathrooms, you’re definitely wrong. We have high-quality waterproof lighting plasters that can improve the look and appeal of your bathroom surfaces. Aside from the aesthetics, our products have properties that can resist water. Chipping and cracking wall plasters are eyesores!

Wall Texturing

Are you looking for a professional who can beautify and increase the aesthetics of your wall? Look no other than our experts. Our creative and artistic team can put life into your boring wall through changing its texture. Smooth or rough, we ensure you that our work will come out durable and long-lasting!

Ceiling Moulding

Had enough of the boring and flat surfaces of your walls or ceilings? How about we can install something in there without totally renovating your house? Our professional ceiling molding experts can add detail or put a framed art on the surfaces without scratching your wall or ceiling!

Asael Plastering Inc is a professional plastering contractor in San Francisco, CA that can meet your requirements! Call us today at (415) 787-7132 for more info! We also offer interior plastic painting and plastering in the area and in Colma, CA; Brisbane, CA; Montara, CA; El Granada, CA; Hillsborough, CA.