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The Different Types of Plaster Used in a Residential Plastering Service

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Plastering is the process of applying a layer of plaster over an existing surface. It can be applied to walls, ceilings, and floors using different types of plasters. It’s important to choose the right plastering on a specific surface such as walls. The different types of plaster used in a residential plastering service include the following:

Portland Cement Plaster

Portland cement plaster is the most common type of plastering. It can be used in both interior and exterior applications, but it’s also one of the harder types to work with. The key materials are Portland cement, sand, and lime. The mixture is mixed together to form a paste or slurry before being applied thinly to a wall surface via either lath or mesh.

Gypsum Plaster

Gypsum plaster is a versatile material that can be used in all types of applications. It has been around for years and has been proven to be successful, making it an excellent choice for your home. Gypsum plaster consists of gypsum, anhydrous lime, and water, which makes it highly breathable. This means that the materials don’t absorb moisture as other plasters do.

Acrylic Resins

Acrylic resins are a type of cement that can be used in commercial buildings. They’re cheaper than other types of plasters, but they don’t have as much strength or durability. Acrylic resins can be painted on with acrylic paints or enamels. The paint should be applied after the plaster has dried completely, otherwise, it will peel away from the surface when wet again later on.


Stucco is a plaster mixture of lime, sand, and water. It’s applied over the lath to cover the walls and ceilings of your home. Stucco is used for exterior walls in addition to interior walls in kitchens and bathrooms.

In a residential plastering service, it’s important to have a variety of options at your disposal so that you can always find one that will work best with the type of home you live in. That’s why Asael Plastering Inc is the perfect choice for plastering services that you need for your home here in San Francisco, CA area. Call us at (415) 787-7132 for professional plastering services today!