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Tips When Doing a Stucco Installation!

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Stucco is a popular choice for exterior walls in homes, offices, and other commercial properties. A stucco wall is a combination of cement, sand, and lime, which are mixed and then applied to the desired surface. Stucco can be painted to match the existing exterior wall and/or applied with a decorative finish. They are quite durable and long-lasting and do not easily get damaged by water or the elements. However, this does not mean that a stucco installation is a walk in the park! Below are 3 of the common mistakes when it comes to stucco installation and how to avoid them! Let a professional do the job.

Excessive cracking

Cracks are a common issue with stucco walls. They are usually caused by the cement drying too quickly and cracking as it contracts and expands. This can be due to the temperature or humidity in the air around the time of application. It’s vital that the cement is used within the appropriate temperature range for the cement to be set properly. If the temperature is too cold, the mix will not have enough time to cure properly and result in excessive cracking. If the humidity level is too high, the cement will not have time to cure properly and form a strong bond between the mixture and the sand, which will result in excessive cracking.

Use the wrong size mesh

If you make this mistake, you could end up with a mesh that is too small or too big for the job. If a mesh is too small, it will not allow the sand to drain properly, which will result in the mixture not draining properly and being hard to remove if you decide to repair a crack. If the mesh is too big, it will result in the sand adhering to the mesh instead of draining properly through it, which will also cause the mixture not to drain properly.

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